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How will you commit to the lift?

Melinda Gates calls for working toward gender equality
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M y first book, The Moment of Lift, is a story about stories. It’s a chance to tell my story, but, more importantly, it’s a chance to tell the stories of the women I’ve met around the world. By sharing their stories with me, they called me to action. By sharing their stories in my book, I hope to do the same for others.

There is no country on earth where women have achieved true equality. That’s not something I’m willing to accept—and I don’t think I’m alone. I’m pretty sure most of us would agree that equality can’t wait.

The question, then, is what will we do about it? And more specifically, what will you do?

Will you talk to your partner about household responsibilities and distributing tasks more equally? Will you ask the women you work with how you can better support them? Will you encourage women in your community to run for office? Will you call out sexist, racist, homophobic, and transphobic language and behavior whenever you see it?

I’m going to do everything I can to ensure women and people of color have access to the resources and networks they need to thrive in their careers.
I can tell you what I’ve committed to doing. I’m going to keep directing our foundation to help close the gender data gap, so that the information we collect about the world accurately reflects women’s experiences, too. I’m going to do everything I can to ensure women and people of color have access to the resources and networks they need to thrive in their careers. And I’m going to keep using my voice to champion equality and the women and men who are working to bring it closer.

I bet there’s a good chance you’re one of those people. So, tell me: How will you commit to the lift?

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How will you commit to the lift?

Christina Khoo
As a single mother who is an Asian immigrant with 2 smart and independent teenage daughters, I have committed to supporting them and helping create an environment where they and other women continue to have a chance to make their own choices in all they do. I took a big step last year to show them that we are strong and resilient. I commit to being a good role model for them and promote gender equality where I can . #MomentofLift
David Kenny
I’m going to put five minutes in my calendar every day to do, or schedule to do, a single thing that will drive equality. That might be something as simple as posting something on social media, or a bigger commitment like supporting a STEM educational initiative, but one thing, EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Thomas Doyle
Raised Irish-Catholic and active till my late teens, I hope to commit to the lift by recognizing theology and doctrine can at times be noticeably at odds with science and empirical data concerning women's health. Also, as host of I believe we, women and men, can reach equality by 'tipping the scales.' By vesting the female justices of the SCOTUS with all the authority to determine the status of abortion. #MomentofLift
Elaine Latten
As a caregiver, Mom and daughter I am committed to empowering the elderly and their children with education, outreach and planning. Caring for aging parents with end of life illness is difficult. Adding to the overwhelming difficulty is becoming victim/prey to fraud, physical, financial & mental abuse. I want to teach them how to become survivors. I want to educate the elderly/their children on all of the resources available to them.#MomentofLift
Christina Lin
I’m preparing to launch a transitional employment training for women who were sex trafficked, incarcerated, homeless or refugee/immigrants in my area. Your foundation gets me so excited and I do see hope that by empowering women with skills and opportunities, they can make positive changes in their own lives and for the greater community.
Philips Blessing
The growth of humanity will never be complete without the growth of women. I have always seen the great potentials in women. I have always known that one day, their voices will be heard. I will commit to the lift- by going to the University to study very hard and develop my potentials in order to be an advocate for my fellow girls and women.
Tamar Marino
I'm a stay-at-home mother of two little boys. My husband is the breadwinner. Despite our so-called traditional roles, we are committed to setting an example for our children of what an equal partnership looks like. Because, at the end of the day, what we DO affects our children far more that what we say. My hope is that my boys will be proud to identify as feminists and champions of all human beings.
Scott Ardinger
I committed my life as a Priest to hold up women and always be a good spiritual father when I was needed to guide or affirm. Then I was called out of ministry so I could be married. I wanted to honor the one woman I would give my heart to forever. Now I am committed with all my heart and experience to lift up women to the place they deserve to be as man’s equal. “And the man said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh:” Equal
Jeff Boss
First is to listen, learn and filter that upon self then in to action. Before I can change others the way they see and act I must see myself and how I can grow. I believe in my heart in equality though at times my actions do not support my beliefs. I can not be silent if the face voices that devalue by way of perjudice. To remain silent in those instances is to condone. Today I will start my reading okay listening to Audible book Moment of lift
Ben Wakiawa
Ben Wakiawa I have read the excerpt of the Moment of Lift - you got a rich background but what amazes is how you've ended being you. One who not only is touched by those who attracts no one's attention but contagiously and ably connecting with them. You ought to be somewhere insulated from the bleeding/crying world but you've been out there seeing and feeling with them in need of a touch - Power of the Woman - who can ignore the SHE?. I am in.
Judy Katsande Nazare
Firstly l am a human being and this qualifies me to be treated equally regardless of gender, colour or creed. I the past months I have started working with primary school aged girls to realise their potential & dreams. Raising awareness & consciousness that we are not defined by our genders but our achievements! I am an advocate for education and I am distributing sanitary pads to girls in a school in Zimbabwe. Educate a girl uplift a society
Sushmitha Vangala
I commit to encouraging young girls to feel strong , and stand as a example that breaks any stereotype. Men learn from the women they see in their family. #MomentofLift
Alexandra Woop
Hello dear friends, It’s not only about women who need to believe in themselves, but it’s also about men to believe in women. I would like to change the men’s perception of women, many of them on the right side, but still too many are in the past. Warm regards, Alexandra
Sivan Tehila
I am a cybersecurity expert & entrepreneur. I have noticed that women make up only 20% of the cybersecurity workforce so I decided to take action. I established the Leading Cyber Ladies NYC community where I offer free talks, mentoring and workshops for women who willing to start a career in cyber. Besides that, I founded CYBER19W, social entrepreneurship which aims to make the cyber profession accessible for women and minorities in Israel.
Hassatou Aisha Diallo
My mum was all I had as a strong human being with support & care. A good person who smiled, who listened, who helped, who felt compassion or who just happen to be nurtured by her. These are who my heart will always be committed to. Even if I dont feel like it, the woman in me becomes obliged to stand & voice my intentions to proceed & represent those of us who in need to be heard & treated fairly with more collaborations & inclusiveness.
Amos Ailanjian
I think I’ve always supported woman equally. Something I will ponder 🤔 society in general across world is diverse. All I speak on is in Washington state now since this is my new home. I fully support all woman in all aspects.

Posted: April 19, 2019
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