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Time’s Up: Women are demanding safety and equality at work

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Illustration by Jing Jing Tsong
Illustration by Jing Jing Tsong
The world deserves to have women at the table. That’s why TIME’S UP is not about women asking permission; it’s a movement of women demanding to sit in our rightful place.

The last months of 2017 will be remembered for the steady stream of courageous women who stepped forward to share their stories of sexual assault and harassment, women who toppled their abusers—often powerful men—and inspired others around the world. Since then, our anger has turned into action. Our organization was born out of pain, but this movement is rooted in power. We share a bold but simple vision: a world in which workplaces are safe and equitable for all women of every background.
TIME’S UP is not about women asking permission; it’s a movement of women demanding to sit in our rightful place.
TIME’S UP will advocate for strong public policy, partner with and challenge the private sector and accelerate and shape the cultural shift that has been unleashed. Our mission-driven organization is uniquely suited to drive change across culture, companies, and law in this moment.

TIME’S UP has made two unwavering commitments. First, we will focus on both safety and equity at work. For that reason, we address a range of issues that are integrally related to—but broader than—sexual harassment. They include preventing sexual harassment before it starts and protecting workers when it happens. And they also include removing barriers so women have an equal opportunity for economic security and success and increasing women’s representation, power, and dignity at work.

Second, we are committed to being inclusive and intersectional. We will forcefully and consistently advocate for all women, particularly women of color, low-income workers, LGBTQ+ individuals, and other traditionally marginalized communities.

The past year was a banner year for women. Many came forward and told their stories, and in the words of Muriel Rukeyser, the “world split apart.” A landmark number were elected to Congress, and women led unprecedented mass mobilizations at companies from Google to McDonald’s.

But we still have so far to go.

While the data are incomplete, we know that the majority of women have been sexually harassed at work. Women are overrepresented in many low-paying jobs but underrepresented in leadership positions across nearly every industry. A gaping pay disparity remains between men and women, particularly women of color. The evidence is also clear that women do more housework, caregiving and other “unpaid work” at home. This picture is not acceptable. And it’s not because women aren’t working hard enough or aren’t capable; the system is fundamentally broken.

We aspire to make safety and equity for all women at work a reality. This is a crucial and historic cause that benefits everyone – women and men alike.

Our work is guided every day by the courageous survivors who, by coming forward, have given so many others the strength and encouragement to speak their truth. Together, our movement is unstoppable, and we're just getting started. We hope you’ll join us in this crucial and historic work.

Our call to action for you is this: Each one, reach one. That is how we will create stronger communities and a more stable, more prosperous humanity—one person at a time.