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Comedians stand up for gender equality

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W aiting 208 years for gender equality may sound comically absurd—but it's no joke. Who better to make that point than a group of comedians?

We invited a few of our favorite comics—from Maya Rudolph to Ilana Glazer and more—to share their personal stories and help explain some of the barriers that hold women back. Watch them riff on women's health, unpaid labor, and the gender gaps in tech, leadership, and elected office.

Equality can’t wait—and we can’t wait to act, either. Make a commitment to stand up for equality in your home, workplace, and community.

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Stephanie Lu
Angelin Jacob
I stand up for equality or better decision making at workplace when nobody around could! What happens to me? As per the the Japanese saying “the nail that sticks up gets hammered down”! I had to quit from a reputed corporate due to workplace harassment! Roughly 15% to 20% (powerful families) get to achieve their vision in life and the rest? Either do what is expected no matter how disrespectful is that for your intelligence or stop living?
Gilberto Avelar de Castro
I think equality has arrived, whether you are now, do not have an unnecessary dependency, the important thing is now. Now has power, use this power, forget the past and don't think about the future, the important thing is now, I think to say that in 208 years or 2 days, whatever the amount, this conversation that plays something for the future it is a form of mental slavery. Let us remember then - THE IMPORTANT IS THE NOW.

Posted: August 23, 2019
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