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Five to Follow: Nikhil Taneja’s Picks

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Aditi Mittal delivers stand-up comedy about inequality and sexism women in India face every day.
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N ikhil Taneja is a storyteller and the founder of Yuvaa, a platform that listens to and shares stories to bring young India together. He is also on the global advisory board of Goalkeepers, a Gates Foundation initiative that aims to catalyze action toward the Global Goals, bringing together leaders from around the world to accelerate progress toward ending poverty and fighting inequality. We asked Nikhil to recommend five creators who are exploring gender equality through humor, storytelling, and art. Here are his picks.

Aditi Mittal | @addymitzy
As one of India’s first female stand-up comedians, Aditi Mittal not only champions and actively advocates for the inclusion of women in Indian stand-up comedy, she also uses her humor to bring to light the inequality and sexism that young women in India face every day. Aditi is an inspiration—she’s changed comedy in India, and she is absolutely hilarious in both her stand-up and her social media.

Vitamin Stree | @vitaminstree
Vitamin Stree is a hugely underrated gem of a video channel—it combines a brilliant creative vision with an empathetic and insightful approach to gender. With its heart in the right place and a vision to break down gender in an easy-to-understand manner, Vitamin Stree is the friend you didn’t know you needed for conversations you need to have.

Rega Jha | @regajha
Rega was the founder-editor of Buzzfeed India. As one of the youngest media heads in the country, she created a space for inclusive conversations about gender that had not previously existed in the youth media landscape. Since moving on from Buzzfeed, she’s perhaps even more influential than before, using Instagram to learn—and unlearn—about everything from gender to sexuality, right along with the rest of us, in real time.

Kruttika Susarla | @kruttika
Kruttika Susarla is a fabulous artist who has been using comic art to start the kinds of conversations about intersectional feminism that are often tougher to have through text. I came across her Instagram feed when she used the 36 Days of Type challenge to do an “A to Z” of Indian feminism. Almost every day I learned something new about gender in India through her art.

“Man Enough” | @wearemanenough
“Jane the Virgin” actor and star Justin Baldoni is the mind behind the talk show, “Man Enough,” as well as its public face. This show is, arguably, the most wholesome series of conversations featuring men on the Internet today. A rare forum where men can be introspective about their gender and the stereotypes that come with it, “Man Enough” challenges notions of manliness and allows for the safe space that men need to talk about feelings.

Posted: August 6, 2019
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What is a TV show, film, book, or other piece of media that changed your perception around gender?

Hector Chennn
The message is power and great!
Trina Casey
I was so in love with the show Pose last year that I felt I needed to write and publish a book for children called “I Love Pink! (A Trans Tale).” It’s a story about a confident Latina Trans girl who’s best friend Kiana support each other in a world designed to change them! It walks children through the emotions of feeling different and how to love themselves through it! All we all need is one good friend!
Kavya Srivastava
I always had a different perception about gender equality and feminism. I dont even know if im a feminist. There might be an era when male domination was on the clip, but that was because maybe women were told so. The ones who did, had to bear "consequences " is what i can really say. Women and men cant be compared. Whining about being pregnant isnt justified according to me. Its biological, natural and beautiful.We must work as a team,instead
Stephanie Lu
this is great. I like what you think.