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Anna Godeassi likes to say she was born with a paint brush in her hand and her passion has never waned. She attended the European Institute of Design in Milan, before launching her freelance illustration career.

She cooperates in Italy, France, Germany, Uk, South Corea,USA and Japan with advertising, web and video agencies, magazines and daily papers such as La Repubblica, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, and more. She has contributed her mixed media illustration to editors as Mondadori, Rizzoli, De Agostini, Loescher, Giunti, Condè Nast, Hearst, RCS as well as numerous advertising campaigns and projects.

Aside from editorial and advertising work, Anna is also an artist (she creates paintings, design objects and sculptures) and accomplished children’s book illustrator. It’s difficult to say where she is based…

She lives in Milan, where she goes around with a flowery bicycle and she has got a big terrace on a rooftop where she does gardening, she cultivates zucchini and artichokes and “speaks” with her trees and plants (more than 200).

She also lives and work on the sea, on a sailboat, her “office on the water” as she likes to say, in Emerald Coast in North Sardinia, or sailing around in the islands and taking inspirations for his art and tales.

She loves nature and travelling, and looking up at the clouds : she often takes pictures of the sky for her Catalogue of Clouds.


What inspires you to do the work you do?

Human Feelings, reading poetry and tales, travelling in remote places.

Tell us about someone you admire.

Doctors with Africa, a group of volunteer doctors that help people in the poorest regions of that country. They gave me a different perspective of the meaning of life (I made for them a calendar for 2019, Daydreams of African Games).

Please share a favorite quote.

“Life itself is the most beautiful fairy tale.” — Hans Christian Andersen