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Matt is an Entrepreneur in Residence at IDEO exploring the intersection of caregiving and innovation. Matt was previously the COO at IDEO.org, where he worked with a range of partners to design solutions to issues including early childhood development, youth employment, social services, and financial health, while also ensuring IDEO.org built a strong, sustainable, results-driven organization.

Matt’s deep curiosity about how best to drive systems-level social change has led him to partner with and work for a variety of organizations. On the Portfolio Team at New Profit, a national venture philanthropy organization, Matt drove the investment selection process for five large investments and helped social entrepreneur-led organizations in the fields of workforce development, education, civic engagement, and youth development overcome organizational barriers to scaling their impact. Before joining New Profit, Matt supported fundraising and program development at a multi-state college access organization as part of an Americorps program.

Matt holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Michigan.