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Patrice is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at IDEO where she focuses on innovation in caregiving - caring for kids, caring for aging relatives, caring for households, and more. She works to bring value and visibility to this work.

Patrice is also the co-founder of IDEO.org, the non-profit design organization launched from IDEO in 2011. Patrice built the organization into a thriving center for design thinking in the social sector through work with partners across the issues of reproductive health, financial inclusion, early childhood development, and more. At IDEO.org Patrice also created Design Kit, a digital platform teaching human- centered design, serving more than one million learners.

Before founding IDEO.org, Patrice was a Design Director with IDEO where she led teams focused on large-scale systems change in the private and social sectors. Patrice serves on the Board of Directors for Juma Ventures, a national youth employment nonprofit, the Board of Advisors for Freedom Forward, a nonprofit collective impact initiative. Patrice holds a BFA from the University of Michigan.