Portrait of Melinda Gates

A Note from Melinda

What does changing the world look like?

There’s no one answer, of course. It looks like different things at different times in different places. But if there’s anything we do know, it’s that it’s not a solitary activity.

Change—the kind of change that’s truly transformational—requires people coming together, amplifying each other’s voices, affirming each other’s aspirations, multiplying each other’s power.

This month we’re exploring the theme gather. It’s a word I love because it carries such warm connotations of community and togetherness. But I also love that it describes how something that starts small can become much bigger.

That’s my hope for Evoke, too—that it will always be a place where we can gather, but also a place where we can grow.
Signature of Melinda Gates
Illustration of Sam Talam
December 19, 2019

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