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September / October 2019

A Note from Melinda

“Historically, women are seen as naturally disruptive.”

Those are the words of the late Toni Morrison, the immensely talented writer and storyteller who passed away last month.

I quote them here because Toni Morrison has been on my mind lately—and also because this month on Evoke, we’re exploring the theme Disrupt

A disruption is a radical change. It’s transformative. It rejects the status quo and replaces it with something new, bigger, and bolder.

We often associate disruption with Silicon Valley—but disruptive thinking is everywhere you find people challenging old norms and offering innovative new ideas for making our world better.

That’s exactly what the people we feature this month are doing. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

What's Inspiring Me

Period by Emma Barnett

Stigma around periods can keep girls and women around the world from participating equally in school and work. Emma Barnett's Period is an information-packed and hilarious book that aims to change the conversation about periods.

Women Slowly Shifting to Higher-Paying College Majors

An encouraging, new study has found women are slowly shifting to college majors that lead to higher-paying careers.

Many American Men Have a Skewed View of Gender Inequality, TIME Poll Finds

Here's a striking, if not surprising, finding from a new poll Equality Can't Wait conducted in partnership with TIME. An overwhelming majority of Americans believe gender inequality exists. But men don’t consider the problem to be as severe as women do.