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Welcome to Evoke—a place to start conversations, amplify new voices, and forge stronger bonds between change-makers.

I’m glad you’ve joined us, and I’m excited about what we’ll learn from each other.
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The Truth Be Told collection, a special edition of Evoke, features portraits and artifacts that help tell a more complete story of the history of women’s voting rights, with a focus on Black women’s activism.

What's Inspiring Me

Serving the Needs of Americans During COVID-19

I’m inspired by the work organizations are doing to channel innovation and empathy into solutions for caregiving, paid family and medical leave, and mental health during this crisis.

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown and Alicia Keys

In this podcast episode, Brown and Keyes reflect on Keys’ personal story and share lessons about authenticity, vulnerability, and having the courage to listen to our voices.

Some Good News: Hamilton Cast Reunites

Thank you, John Krasinski, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the original cast of Hamilton for this moment of pure joy and solidarity in these difficult times. Looking forward to watching the recording of Hamilton from home when it comes out on July 3!

“Ode to Joy” by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

What is most moving to me about this rendition of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” is imagining the measure of faith the performers summoned as they tested out lighting and acoustics and camera angles—and prepared to play their hearts out in time with an orchestra they couldn’t hear for an audience visible only in their imaginations.