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Here's how you committed to lifting up women

A woman writes on the wall at The Moment of Lift tour event in Chicago

My new book, The Moment of Lift, makes the case that empowering women transforms the world. I’ve spent the past few weeks traveling across the country, talking to people about how each one of us can contribute to creating a more equal future. I asked how you would commit to lifting up women—and you answered.

Many of you committed to tackling gender equality in your own home.

I commit to giving my son an example of how to respect women. I commit to empowering my daughter to have a voice in our home and our community.
FH, New York City
I commit to teaching my daughters to pursue passions that positively impact our world.
Janice, Chicago
Melinda Gates and John Legend speak about committing to lift up women in society.
I’ll commit to the lift by encouraging my sister to always trust herself.
Natalie, New York City
A man and woman sign their commitments to gender equality at the Moment of Lift tour event in Nashville

Others are committing to lifting up women at work.

I will commit to pushing my women teammates to stay motivated in a male-dominated workplace
Anonymous, Chicago
I’ll commit to passing on the advice and guidance I was lucky enough to receive from coaches, bosses and mentors.
KW, Chicago
I commit to creating the first women’s resource group at my organization!
Michelle, Chicago
I am a cybersecurity expert & entrepreneur. I have noticed that women make up only 20% of the cybersecurity workforce so I decided to take action. I established the Leading Cyber Ladies NYC community, where I offer free talks, mentoring and workshops for women who willing to start a career in cyber.
Sivan, New York City

You told us how you’d commit to the lift by embracing new habits.

I’m going to put five minutes in my calendar every day to do, or schedule to do, a single thing that will drive equality.
I’ll commit to the lift by speaking out, especially when I’m told to be silent
Anonymous, Washington, DC
A zoomed in shot of the Commit to the Lift wall in Chicago. The text reads "I commit to trying in my own ways, big and small, to contribute to the world by lifting up others and encouraging all to use their voice... their power to make a change!"
I’ll commit to the lift by saying sorry less and encouraging others to do the same.
Katie, Washington, DC
I will commit to help every woman I encounter who is in need of support and encouragement.
Khristie, Nashville

And you committed to lifting up women by taking action in your local and global community:

I commit to intentionally engaging, empowering, elevating, and educating youth who are underrepresented and voiceless.
Dawn, Chicago
I am an advocate for education and I am distributing sanitary pads to girls in a school in Zimbabwe.
Building economic empowerment centers for women in Rwanda!
Robbin, Nashville
A woman writes her commitment to gender equality on a wall at the Moment of Lift tour event in Washington D.C.
Please keep sharing how you plan to commit to the lift—using the comments feature below or on social media with the hashtag #MomentofLift.