Portrait of Melinda Gates

A Note from Melinda

Data is power. It supports smarter decisions and better policies. It enables advocacy and accountability. It helps us understand each other better—who we are, what we need, how we can help.

What data is not, however, is infallible. We like to think of data as being objective, but unless we’re careful, the data we end up with is shaped by the questions we ask. It reflects our biases and assumptions back at us.

The changemakers I admire most understand that. They believe in the power of data, and they believe in using that power to create a more just world. They’re committed to asking the right questions and overcoming their own biases. They’re using statistics to tell important human stories. And they’re acting on what they learn.

That’s why in this edition of Evoke, we’re all about being Data/Driven.
Signature of Melinda Gates
A woman's face is analyzed using Affectiva software
June 07, 2019

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